Fourteen-year-old pop – with a dash of indie – singer, songwriter and actress, Emma Milani is the youngest of three siblings and grew up in the South Bay beach cities. But, she’s not a typical teen, California beach bum, having spent much of her formative years becoming fluent in her mom’s ancestral language, Polish, and vacationing with her family in Europe and across the country, from Poland to New York.

Her parents, John and Marzena, older brother, Michael and sister, Olivia have always been supportive of Emma’s passion for the arts and drive to succeed.She credits her family with her early success and courage to press on in a competitive field.

“My family is everything to me and they make it possible for me to pursue my dreams,” she says. More than half her young age has been
filled with auditions, television and film performances as well as stage and studio performances. Emma recalls at the age of 6 or 7 telling her parents she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and actress. “My parents never pushed me into anything, it was all me, but they were always supportive,” she says. Since she was 7 years old, Emma has studied with vocal coach Nick Cooper -- known as the  "vocal coach to the stars" having worked with artists from Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to David Douchovny and Katy Perry -- and Emma began about then at the prestigious School of Dance & Music in Redondo Beach, Calif. She recalls fondly her first “big” audition, for a Burlington Coat Factory commercial.

“I remember, I was a little girl and I went into the room and I was so nervous,” she says. “I had to sing this song, ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat,’ and I was so nervous my voice cracked – I was so embarrassed.” Needless to say, the charming child was shocked to find she
got the lead in the commercial. That first, albeit unexpected, appreciation for Emma’s talents had a profound and lasting influence on the young girl’s desire for success and set her taste buds yearning for bigger and better forays into her chosen field. She has since appeared on a number of episodes for popular T.V. series’ and radio shows, including an interview for iHeart radio.

Emma’s vocal stylings and writings are influenced a bit by the artists she appreciates and the culture of the world around her. She says she
is most influenced by her favorites: American pop/indie singer, Lana Del Rey; electronic pop singer, Kiiana; and, R&B/pop/reggae singer and songwriter, Rihanna. The confidence Emma has gained through acting, singing and writing and recording her own songs has helped her become an artist that commands attention and can expect accolades. She wrote and recorded her first pop song, “Cali Girls” at the age of 12. Her more recent single, produced by

Del Oro Music Record Producer Robert Eibach and released in March 2017, “My Own Language,” is an eclectic indie pop song that blends the girl’s vocal talents with strong lyrics that share her desire to be accepted by others and firm belief in

and acceptance of herself. A video of “My Own Language” already is gaining approval on YouTube and its expected the March 9 release of the single will garner similar success. The youthful and charming performer, Emma Milani, is a creative and competent artist who shares her fun and independent spirit on and off stage, as well as in front of the camera.

Emma Milani 

She's young and confident. She writes and performs her own music her way. In fact her debut single is all about her own point of view as she goes through life as a young woman. Emma began singing, acting and performing at the age of seven and wrote her first song at the age of 11. She has appeared on popular TV shows including Jesse, House, and Parenthood.   She has also made a number of live radio appearances, including a recent interview on iHeart radio.